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Libra Representatives to Meet World’s Central Banks Over Regulatory Concerns
There’s a whole lot of cryptocurrency out there and one specific coin has been getting slated by the media and regulatory bodies significantly more than the rest. Can you guess which coin that is?
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Bobby Lee Takes on Hardware Wallets With New Device for 30+ Cryptos
BTCC exchange founder said constant requests from people to help store their Bitcoin led him to create Ballet, a credit card-style hardware wallet.
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Publish0x August 2019 Update: Author Centered Update including Autosave and Improved Blog Creation Process
It's time for another update! Here's what we've been up to in August, how Publish0x growth is progressing and what's next? Publish0x August Update is Completely Centered on Authors. We are constantly making improvements to the site, and during Augu...
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The future of money is being built in Asia
CRYPTO currencies may be a dream of decentralising money, but if there's one place that's critical to this ambition, it's Asia. After all, more than US$1.8 billion in crypto currencies is traded daily on Asian exchanges, representing nearly 60 per cent of adjusted daily-traded volume globally, according to an analysis by data provider CoinGecko. Read more at The Business Times.
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Blockchain at Barclays
We’ve teamed up with a collection of partners to bring you the latest blockchain related news, events, blogs, podcasts and much more.
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Can Cryptocurrency Help Baby Boomers Relying on Social Security for Retirement?
Nearly half of all baby boomers, the generation fast entering retirement age, plan to rely on Social Security for retirement, despite the fact that it is quickly running low on money, forcing many individuals that have paid into the system to begin looking for alternative sources of retirement funds. Diversification into investments such as cryptocurrency …
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Big brands + CurrencyWorks = a potent formula with staying power
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If you're looking to see what Altcoins may have a bright future...keep an eye on the Altcoins Uphold is adding to their roster.
At Uphold, we make it easy to buy and sell any major digital currency. You can invest, transfer or send/receive between 9 cryptocurrencies, 23 traditional currencies and 4 precious metals. Our digital money app is slick, easy, and secure.
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There's a New Medici Bank After 500 Years, And This Time It's Crypto-Friendly - CoinDesk
A descendant of the famed Medici Italian banking family has opened a cryptocurrency-friendly bank in Puerto Rico.
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Uphold Integrates Ledger Tools to Boost Crypto Storage Solution - CoinDesk
Payments startup Uphold is implementing hardware and software from Ledger's Vault to improve its cold storage solution for investors.
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