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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Review & PERFORMANCE TWEAKS, BEST STICK SO FAR! 2019
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5 Things You Should Know About ATSC 3.0 - Cord Cutters News
We’re gradually transitioning into the next generation of over-the-air broadcasting, known as ATSC 3.0 or “Next Gen TV,” but there’s still a lot of mystery about what that truly means. And while we continue to monitor how, exactly, the new standard will develop over 2020 and beyond, we’ve put together a few key takeways for …
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Comcast Says Flex Shipments Have Passed 1 Million - Cord Cutters News
Comcast says deployments of its Xfinity Flex media streamer have passed the 1 million mark since the device launched last year. The Flex is Comcast’s take on the type of streaming devices made popular by Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV line, and others, and the company has been offering them to its internet-only customers for free. …
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Comcast Blames Lack of Regional Sports Fee Refunds On Leagues - Cord Cutters News
With live sports on hold, many cable customers are wondering why they’re paying fees for content they’re not getting. After weeks of customers speaking out and asking for refunds, Comcast is responding. Regional sports networks pay for the rights to broadcast sports. Comcast, like all cable companies, pays those networks for rights to carry their …
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Binge Recommendation: The Last Kingdom | Netflix Official Site
As Alfred the Great defends his kingdom from Norse invaders, Uhtred -- born a Saxon but raised by Vikings -- seeks to claim his ancestral birthright.
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VIZIO Launches 10 New Channels for SmartCast - Cord Cutters News
VIZIO announced today the launch of ten new lifestyle, DIY, fashion, travel and comedy channels for its SmartCast TV platform. With the new channels, VIZIO users can Get the latest celebrity and lifestyle news from Vanity Fair and Young Hollywood or learn about the latest innovations happening in tech from WIRED Tune in for fashion, career, and lifestyle inspiration …
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How Much Data Does Amazon Prime Video Use? You Asked We Answer - Cord Cutters News
If you have an internet plan with a data limit, it’s important to pay attention to how much data your streaming services are using. Amazon makes it easy to see how much data you’ll use per hour with Prime Video, along with giving viewers options for using less data. When streaming with Amazon Prime Video, …
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The ONPASSIVE Movement: ONPASSIVE Tools for Customers
ONPASSIVE tools, and their related technologies, make up a large part of the ecosystem mentioned earlier. Some of the tools and services are
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